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Our Academy will help you unleash your limitless potential and we guarantee that you will feel like a fish in water in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain! You are in the right place at the right time: MP Academy includes everything you need to help you become a successful investor and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency industry.

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MP Academy this is a multifunctional space! In addition to training, we conduct leadership practices (the source of your personal growth and quality of life). After completing all the stages of training, you can acquire financial independence and the ability to find a balance in your life, and manage your time correctly .


MP Academy this is creative information space in which you can easily, step by step, go all the way from a beginner crypto-investor to a successful businessman!


Here you will find useful information, training videos, instructions, professional literature and much more. You will also be able to participate in interactive webinars (coaching) thanks to which you will always be aware of the most relevant and modern trends in the cryptocurrency market.


On the MP Academy website you can:

Explore technology

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
together with the community

Build a business

Learn the skills of building your own business and pass
leadership training

Form a system

Build a system for the development of your partner structure that will work for you 24 hours a day

Attend coaching

Attend daily 'coaching' to enhance your
professionalism and expertise

Read articles and books

Read professional books and articles on topics related to cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry

Watch the tutorial video

Check out the useful and informative educational videos that we have prepared for you about the crypto industry

Get help

Contact MP Academy technical support for help wherever you go

Find the answers

Use the FAQ section to find answers to frequently asked questions about the business and the crypto market

Take advantage of the opportunities

You can find many more useful features on the MP Academy website: take advantage of them!


Now is the time to get to know the MarketPeak community ! And we will start our acquaintance with a video clip of the company, which shows in detail its direction and opportunities. Enjoy your viewing!



Now that you are familiar with the project, it might be time to register your own account (account) on the corporate MarketPeak site?

Go to registrationRegistration instructionsView other videos


Learn more about the MarketPeak project!

More information about the project, as well as about the MP Academy in our social networks, instructions and resources.

  • To register on marketpeak.com, you need to complete 2 steps:

    1. Follow the link

    2. Fill in all fields. The data that you enter into the form must be correct.

    If you do not have a sponsor, he will be assigned automatically (in the registration form, click `` I don't have a sponsor '').

    After you have filled in all the fields and clicked on the `` Subscribe '' button (SIGN UP) You will receive a letter in your mail, where you need to follow the specified link and confirm your registration.

    Link to video instruction "How to register on the site" 

  • You can download the wallet here:

    For Android devices download

    For IOS devices download

    Watch video clip "How to use the wallet"

    How to use PeakDefi Wallet

    Open the PeakDefi Wallet application on your phone. Enter the password that you set when installing the application (6 characters). Congratulations, you have entered the application.

    Inside the wallet, you will see a card on which your current balance will be displayed. In order to receive money on the wallet account, click on the button "Receive" (at the bottom of the application), copy the link address and send it to the addressee, who should list the coins. The operation takes some time, coins on the account will not appear immediately.

    To send your coins to another addressee, click the "Send" (at the bottom of the application). Enter the recipient's address (or scan the QR code on his phone), enter the amount in the appropriate field and select the desired transaction speed (this is the speed of sending funds). When you have completed all of the above items, click on the button "Send".

    Attention, a commission is charged from you for each transaction.

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